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Citroen GS

Citroën GS Tyres

The Citroen GS left the factory fitted with the 145SR15 Michelin XZX. They are still by far the only tyre for a Citroen GS. There is also a Firestone F560 Tyre that is in the correct size for a Citroen GS, and when these tyres were built originally by Firestone they were a better proposition and a good price. However today they don't bear consideration, and you should just fit the 145SR15 Michelin XZX on a Citroen GS.

Radial Tyres

15" Rim Size

Click to View Tread Diameter
Section Width
Price (ex VAT)
145SR15 Michelin XZX 616 147 £103.00
145SR15 Firestone F560 616 147 £85.00

Sets of Tyres

Special Offer

Click to View Tread Offer Price (ex VAT)
Set of 4 145R15 Michelin XZX Special £320.00
Set of 5 145SR15 Michelin XZX Special £460.00

Citroen GS

A Beautifully Painted Citroen GS

Michelin Citroen GS XZX Tyres

The GS Citroen fitted a Michelin XZX 145SR15. To view them, click here

Citroen GS Tyres

Michelin 145SR15 XZX tyres fitted to a Citroen GS

Citroen GS Tyres

Citroen GS Birotor

The GS Citroen Birotor (with Wankel rotary engine) was fitted with a Michelin XAS 165HR14. To view them click here.

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