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Funny Classic Car Videos

Funny Car Videos

For your viewing pleasure here is an ever expanding list of amusing classic car, vintage car and Longstone tyre related video clips.

First off we present a very funny caravaning moment featuring a Renault 5 (very similar to the one currently owned by Mrs Cawley!). Luckily she is not quite as daft as this driver, although she did marry Dougal...

Possibly the best compilation of classic car carnage ever. What I can't understand is why reverse DAF racing never caught on. Can you imagine it as the support race for the Grand Prix with guest drivers, like the old BMW M1 series.

Is this even possible?

Close shave!

Octane Magazine - Mark Hales & Martin Brundle compete at the 2010 Revival racing a Ferrari 250GTO.

Another close one!

A truly pathetic bit of 'running away' saves womans life!

Nurburgring Nordschleife Crashes 1970 at Adenauer Forst.

The most Benny Hill police chase you'll ever see!

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