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475/500x19 Firestone

£171.00 excl VAT
£205.20 incl VAT
The Tyre size 475X19 is a size that is very similar to a 500X19. as a result the majority of tyre manufacturers make a tyre called 475/500X19 instead of just 475X19.

475X19 tyres

Cars that would have originally fitted a 475X19 today fit a 475/500X19, of which the Firestone is an excellent option. In the 20's and 30's a tyre manufacturer might have made a 475X19 and a 500X19 However today the demand doesn't justify making a tyre in both sizes. 475/500x19 Firestone


One of the best and most popular tyres in the size 475X19 would be the Firestone 475/500X19. The 475X19 Firestone looks period, handles very nicely and is ideally suited to cars such as an Austin 12/4, Morris Oxford or Model A Ford. All of which fit 475X19. the 475/500X19 Firestone is also available in white wall. call 01302 711123.

475/500x19 Firestone
Section Width(mm)143
£171.00 excl VAT
£205.20 incl VAT
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