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205/70VR15 Tires

At last PIRELLI have re manufactured their fantastic V speed rated CINTURATO ™ CN12 in the size 205/70VR15


In the early 60's, many of the top sports cars changed from 16" wheels to 15" wheels, often with the radial tire size 185R15. at the end of the 60's low profile tyres were developed; The low profile version of a 185R15 was 205/70R15. The side wall height of a 205/70R15 tyre is approximately the same as the side wall height of a 185R15. So many of the cars like the e-type Jaguar XKE, fitted power steering, and changed from 185R15 tires to fit the new fashionable low profile tyres in the size 205/70R15. Also today many cars that originally fitted 185VR15 choose to fit a larger tyre in the size 205/70VR15

205/70ZR15 PIRELLI P4000

From 1968 the Jaguar XJ6 was the first car to fit 205/70VR15 tyres. Jaguar XJV12, XJS, Series 3 E-Type V12, Jensen Interceptor and Citroen SM also fitted tyres in the size 205/70VR15 or 205/70ZR15.

In the 80's PIRELLI developed a 205/70ZR15 P4000 tyre. This P4000 205/70ZR15 tyre utilises the Z speed rating that wasn't used in the days of the CN12 that PIRELLI produce again. Because the 205/70VR15 CINTURATO ™ CN12 currently made by PIRELLI is actually speed rated to 170mph (W rated) it actually holds the same speed capability as the old P4000 205/70ZR15, making it the best tyre for later XJ6, and all the other XJ6, XJS and series 3 XK-E cars.

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Set of 5 205/70X15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN12
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Section Width(mm)206
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