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130/140x40 Michelin SCSS

£190.00 excl VAT
£228.00 incl VAT

130X40 Michelin

The demand for a tyre of the size 130X40 is not great enough to warrant building a 130X40 tyre so Michelin include the 130X40 in with their tyre 130/140X40.

130/140 X 40 S Super Confort is the right tyre to fit to Peugeot 201, Peugeot 202, Peugeot 301, Peugeot 302, Rosengart LR, Celta 4, Pre War and early post war Citroen Traction Avant, Citroen 8cv, Citroen 7a, Citroen 7B and George Irat all fitted the 130/140 40 S Super Confort Stop S.

130/140 x 40 S Super Confort Michelin

The Michelin Super Confort Stop S 130/140 x 40 is the first tyre to use sipes in the tyre design developed for wet surfaces. The 130/140x40 S Michelin Super Confort Stop S is developed to fit on a 40cm rim. You cannot fit a 16" tyre on these rims and you can't fit the 130/140x40 S Michelin Super Confort Stop S onto a 16" rim.

130/140x40 Michelin SCSS
Section Width(mm)157
£190.00 excl VAT
£228.00 incl VAT
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